Friday, March 31, 2006

Theatre Thursday (actually, Friday).

Hey! It's my Q&A with Layne Coleman, the artistic director of Theatre Passe Muraille, who is currently acting down the street at Factory Theatre in a revival of George F. Walker's Escape from Happiness.

Hoy! It's my interview (sub, alas, only) with Galt MacDermot, the Canadian composer of Hair, the tribal love rock musical that is currently being remounted by CanStage in Toronto. I saw the show tonight and a certain South Park episode came to mind. Peace, love, freedom, incoherence. Whatever, it was silly fun. And I wanted to dance when they sang Let the Sunshine In at the end. Of course, the ending is now impossible to take seriously, thanks to that song's brilliant use in The 40 Year Old Virgin (the best comedy of 2005, hands down). It was probably never possible to take seriously, mind you.

The cast is lovely to look at, it might be noted. And you get to see their privates.

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