Friday, April 28, 2006

Aisle say!

I poked fun at the New York Post's Michael Riedel in my article about the Drama Desk nominations in the National Post today, quoting his Spring Broadway preview where he wrote about the Drowsy Chaperone: "Insiders have been snickering about 'the worst ad campaign in recent memory' and 'the worst title ever.' ... Beyond musical theatre nuts and nostalgia freaks, who's going to care?"

So I was pleased to see he poked fun at himself today too:
A few weeks ago, in my column about the spring crop of new Broadway musicals, I wrote, with the assurance of a pundit who's never wrong, that none of them would pose a threat to "Jersey Boys" at the Tony Awards.

Today, with equal assurance, I say that I was, well, wrong.

There is a stealth contender stalking "Jersey Boys."

It has a terrible title and a dreadful ad campaign, but, judging from the beaming faces of audiences exiting the Marquis Theater, it's a winner.
He's talkin' about the Drowsy Chaperone, of course.


Meanwhile, back in Toronto, Nightwood's production of the French play Mathilde opens in previews tonight starring Martha Burns and Tom McCamus, two of my fav actors. And here's my Q&A with the director, Kelly Thornton.

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