Monday, April 24, 2006


Parliament Hill Shocker! Wonkitties reports that not only is Prime Minister Stephen Harper a Star Trek fan, which I believe has been confirmed, but he is a hardcore Star Trek Fan. How hardcore? Well:
[T]his weekend in Colorado Springs [a] secret source, who threatened me with my very life if I reveal his name, more or less revealed that our prime minister once competed in a Star Trek Convention Costume Contest!
People: Imagine if someone out there could find a picture! I throw out a challenge to all of you -- find a picture. FIND IT. Find photographic evidence. I don't know exactly when this took place, but I believe it would have been in the late 70s or early 80s. I for one am on a personal mission to see the leader of a teeny, tiny, fraction of the free world dressed up like...well, the obvious guess is Spock, since that would require so small a stretch for Prime Minister Harper. But who knows? I believe the man has humour. Perhaps he dressed up like Uhura -- or even better, like that hideous salt-sucking creature who looked like a beautiful woman and who left suction marks on all its victims.
There must be a photo. Please God (of God Bless Canada fame), let there be a photo. Please, please, please...

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