Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bumped from a CBC panel!

Hey folks... Did you know once I was scheduled to be on a CBC panel about blogging? It's true. Wonkette was going to be on it via satellite and all too!

But then, gosh, after I got all excited about being on the teevee, I got a call back and you know who they bumped me for? Andrew Coyne! A famous columnist who writes much better and smarter than me and has much more experience being on television panels!

Can you believe that? Obviously there's an anti-Ukrainian bias at the CBC!

In short, Michael Coren can cry me a river. A syndicated columnist who has his own talk show complaining about getting bumped for another conservative (and a classy one like Deb Grey to boot)... Gee whiz, talk about being out of touch with what people actually care about.

You know, there are about 30 million Canadians who have have never been invited to give their views on a CBC panel? Ever. So stop your whining!

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