Friday, May 19, 2006

Criticisms of Liberal leadership candidates that bug me.
Part One of a Series.

Criticisms of Liberal leadership candidates that bug me, #1: Much of the stuff Warren Kinsella throws at Michael Ignatieff...

For instance, one of M.I.'s bloggers recently joked that in order to make the office more quiet, they had instituted a series of rules, one of which was: "no cursing Warren Kinsella (aloud).”

Not particularly gut-busting, but kinda funny in a National-Director-of-Operations way... Anyway, Kinsella gets up on his high horse and is all, "Doesn’t Sachin understand that this sort of thing merely encourages Your Humble Narrator? You know, that I’m getting under their skin? That, notwithstanding the one or two nice things I’ve said about their candidate lately, the Iggy folks (The Stooges, perchance) demand absolutely fealty, and no criticism whatsoever, to The Supreme Leader?"

That's a bit of a leap, no? I mean, Kinsella has been really hard on Ignatieff (not without reason) and the only outright response he has received to date is this tiny bit of blog ribbing... Which he then uses as an excuse to compare Ignatieff to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei! And this coming just a week after he took Bob Rae to task for comparing the softwood lumber deal to the Munich Pact, thus comparing Bush to Hitler!

Okay, so I found that somewhat annoying, but you know, that's Kinsella for ya... What really drove me up the wall was his reaction to the discovery that the M.I. blog post he had linked to had been replaced with a page reading:

Sunday, May 7th, 2006
9:30 - 11:30 pm

We are presently in th process of upgrading Micommunity. Please visit us back later
The blog post was simply being moved to here, where it is still available.

But in what may be the most spurious attack on Ignatieff to date, Kinsella then blogged, "Do you think a guy should be Prime Minister if he can’t spell the word 'the'? Who doesn’t even know what day it is? Whose grammarians write stuff like: 'please visit us back later'? Jeepers!"

Argh! I hate over-the-top typo criticism more than anything! And as if Kinsella actually thinks Iggy codes his own website and cannot spell the word 'the'... As if.

Anyway, the person who wrote that tech message was a fellow named Marc Gendron from the Fuddle Duddle blog. And he's a francophone.

So, way to pick on the francophone tech guy, Warren. Way to pick on the francophone tech guy.

I thought the Liberal party was trying to move past its divisions and have a fair, courteous, idea-based leadership race. Comparing other candidates to the Supreme Leader of Iran and criticizing their tech guys' grammar... Not so much a part of that.

This has been: Criticisms of Liberal leadership candidates that bug me, #1

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