Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In case you haven't heard...

The Drowsy Chaperone picked up 13 Tony nominations today. Hoorah! That's two shy of The Producers' record of 15...

The surprise is that D.C.'s closest competitor is The Color Purple, which had rather tepid reviews but picked up 11 nominations. Tom O'Neil, however, suggests that Purple's chances are slim and that there may be a repeat of The Color Purple Oscar wipeout:
"Purple" just seems to be doomed at showbiz awards. The film version holds the record for being the biggest loser in Oscar history, tied with "The Turning Point" for losing all of its 11 nominations. Curiously, that's the same number of Tony Award bids it earned today. If it loses all of them, "Purple" will now be tied with "Steel Pier" (1991) and "Chicago" (1976) as the biggest loser in Tonys history. Another curious parallel: today "Purple" failed to nab a nom for best director — just like at the Oscars.
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. O'Neil still seems to think that Jersey Boys is the one to beat.

And here are Terry Teachout's predictions.

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