Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It is hot.

It is very hot. And I feel like it is affecting my ability to think. Actually, this whole weekend, even before it was hot, I felt like that. But the heat has compounded the feeling.

Today I spoke to a friend, a regular reader of my blog, and she said, "You're not writing much on your blog lately." Not much content; lots of links to The Drowsy Chaperone trivia.

Point well taken.

As I attempt to think up big thoughts, here is a Craigslist plea for the return of "a small taxidermized Nova Scotia squirrel, dressed as a cobbler ... holding a miniature shoe and wearing an apron." It was taken by some thieving Toronto hipster at last Friday's Santa Cruz party. The victimized hipster asks for it to be returned to Ideal coffee in Kensington Market.

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