Thursday, May 18, 2006

"What's in the paper today, Marge?"

"That Nestruck feller has some ridiculous thing about two Mamet shows opening in Toronto - Oleanna and Romance."

"Oh yeah? Is that free or behind the subscriber wall? I'm on my laptop at this here end of the breakfast table."

"Free. You get whatcha pay for though."

"What else?"

"Nestruck's got another on that Toronto producer Aubrey Dan, the one who done all those co-pros with CanStage? Anyway, seems the feller's gone done to Broadway and invested in a moooosical called The Wedding Singer, based on that Adam Sandler film y'loved so much."

"Oh, that's sounds interestin'!"

"Yeah, seems Dan's bein' coy about some plan he has for Toronto too."

"Ooooh! The theeeeatah!"

"Also, behind the subscriber wall."

"Sheeeee-it! Oh, well... Pass the marmalade will ya?"

"You're marmalade."

"Oh my god! You're right. And you're margarine!"

"Am I?"

"Yep -- that's the real twist. We're both toast condiments!"


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