Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Chris Selley, nonallergic supremicist though he may be, nails it on the head with regards to the reaction in certain quarters to the terrorism arrests:
Indeed, this sudden interest in the root causes of terrorism fascinates me when it manifests itself in people who otherwise have no interest in root causes. When young men of Jamaican extraction kill each other and innocent bystanders, Canadian reactionaries instinctively know the solution: deterrent justice and fewer social programs. But in the case of people who want to blow up a building or behead the Prime Minister, it's not good enough to lock them up. Suddenly they're willing to dig deeper, or as deep as they need to dig to find Islam and multiculturalism anyway, at which point they catch their breath, smirk, and mash their keyboards appropriately. They'll try anything to discredit tolerance so as to justify their own lack of it. We shouldn't be altering the philosophical foundations of Canadian society on these terms.
I must say I find it very comforting that the arrests of the 17 accused terrorists have not changed a single Canadian's opinion on anything. Both the Right and the Left have seized upon the events as proof of what they believed before:
Right: Multiculturalism is creating enemies in our midst!
Left: The mission in Afghanistan is an imperialist adventure that is creating a worldwide Muslim resistance!
Right: Uh, we are engaged in a worldwide war on terror!
Left: Are not!
The volume has gone up, but nothing has changed.

Which means the terrorists have not won! Hurrah!

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