Friday, June 02, 2006

How many words do Nunavimmiut have for pot?

This story is kinda bonkers.... Dépanneur RYK in N.D.G. has been selling marijuana over the counter fairly openly for a long time... The cops have known about it for years, but they only arrested the Montreal corner store's owner for trafficking on May 16. Why? Because of complaints coming from Nunavik in Quebec's North.

Patients and their escorts at nearby Nunavik House, which has a no drugs policy, had been purchasing the marijuana and somehow it was making its way up North and having repercussions there. The Nunatsiaq News reports:
Since 2004, Montreal police had been receiving information about the store’s drug-trafficking sideline.

However, the case was put aside because it wasn’t as urgent as many other life-threatening situations.

Then, Montreal police learned that the corner store’s trafficking was having an impact in Nunavik from the joint aboriginal unit’s Giovanna Taddeo, who is on loan to the unit from the Kativik Regional Police Force.

“Here, we don’t know what’s going on in the North, but we know now it has a large impact there. We let the owner know that the reason he was arrested is that he is selling to Inuit. He said he doesn’t want their business any more,” [Montreal Urban Police officer Russell] St-Germain said.
So that's the message to Montreal pot dealers: The police have bigger fish to fry, but don't sell to Inuit!

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