Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lord of the Ka-CHING!

Though most critics panned The Lord of the Rings musical, it picked up a leading 15 Dora nominations yesterday. Before the Hobbits cry "Vindication!" consider this: The Doras have several separate categories for musicals and, well, The Lord of the Rings didn't have much competition there this year. In the Outstanding New Musical category, for instance, the $27-million show is up against BoyGroove, a remount of a Fringe Festival show that had 1/180 the budget, and Snow White and the Group of Seven, a holiday panto. That's it for new musicals...

Still, The Lord of the Rings can now claim to be the most nominated show of the year -- which most folks won't know is fairly meaningless. (Brent Carver!?! Come on, everyone knows his Gandalf is a mistake.)

And that's not to diss the Lord of the Rings. I was one of the few critics who actually liked it. I must admit I'm kind of rooting for the BoyGroove crew, though.

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