Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Flushed with Pride.

To be fair to the men who will be charged with mischief for peeing on the National War Memorial on Canada Day, it really is hard to take a whiz outdoors in Ottawa without hitting some monument or another.

Wandering around Parliament Hill with a full bladder, you think you've finally found a nice place to empty it... and then when you're zipping up you suddenly realise, "Oh crap, I just peed on Nellie McClung!"

See, this is what happens when the Parliament Press Gallery and the PMO go to war... A couple of drunken idiots doing something dumb is suddenly a hot story and a national crisis.

I don't want to see drunken idiots doing dumb things on the front page. At least not unless someone dies or something is seriously damaged.

It's a bit of a stretch to say the memorial was "defaced" as this CTV headline states. I mean, the Memorial seems to have been designed to survive just this kind of situation:
Canadian granite of the rose-grey type, from the Dumas Quarry at Rivière-à-Pierre near Quebec City, was chosen for the base of the memorial and for the arch because this granite is virtually free from iron, thereby reducing the possibility of staining.
Hmmm... Why would you want the base of a monument to be stain-resistant?

If some fool (drunk or otherwise) came along and painted a swastika on the memorial, well, sure, I think we'd have cause to do a little national soul searching. But a couple of dudes peeing in public after celebrating their love of Canada... it seems like a bit of over-reaction.

Surely there must be something better we can spend our time discussing? Like how out-of-touch with real issues David McGuinty is, perhaps?

Or perhaps we should just go whole hog on this pressing issue and arrest all the
pigeons in Ottawa. ("We have you surrounded... Please fly down from Diefenbaker's head with your wings up.")

Only the Bloc and the PQ should be happy about how this story has played out... After all, it forced Stephen Harper to finally acknowledge urination. (Get it?)

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