Monday, July 03, 2006


Here's how my Sunday night at the Montreal jazz festival went:

First I saw Cat Power.
Then I saw Phantom Power Combo Deluxe.
Then I saw The Cat Empire.

Cat Power --> Phantom Power --> Cat Empire.

I did not see a band called Phantom Empire.

The highlight of the evening for me was the funk-rock-reggae-jazz of The Cat Empire, which was a surprise. Literally. The Australian band performed an indoor show with Bedouin Soundclash on Saturday, but then did a couple of surprise free outdoor shows on Sunday, the latter of which I caught. They're awesome. Aussome even. Especially the trumpet/singer Harry James Angus. Yowsa. He is an incredible scat-ter and beatboxer and has the pipes to fell a dozen Jerichos.

Of course, after I got home, I realised I had a Cat Empire song on my harddrive downloaded from Said the Gramophone last year. That Sean's really on top of things...

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