Friday, July 14, 2006

Rights and Wrongs.

Ever since I switched my personal e-mail address to jkelly -at-, I have been receiving a fair amount of correspondence intended for other recipients. At least two errant e-mails a week.

E-mails from university registrars, a budget for an Internet company, a resume, a letter of affiliation from a private medical clinic... I keep them in a special folder.

I guess there's a lot of J. Kellys out there. And a lot of people who can't remember e-mail addresses properly.

Anyway, today I received a forwarded e-mail from an account executive at [a company] with the subject line "Fw: Ever been this drunk..." (It had been forwarded to him by the VP Sales.)

"Brace yourself...Trust me on this one!!" the account executive wrote.

The attached picture was of an obese human of indeterminate gender receiving oral sex on the hood of a car.


Anyway, usually when I get e-mail intended for someone, I reply and correct the sender. My question to you, dear readers, is should I cc the guy's boss when I do so this time?

Or would that make me a jerk?

UPDATE: Yeah, okay. I won't do it. I was just irritated that I viewed such an image moments before going to bed...

UPPERDATE: Account executive e-mailed back:
Sorry J. Kelly Nestruck,

A finger must have slipped when I was forwarding that along.

Don't be a dick though...that's my girl you're talking about!!!

She is Bold, Big and Beautiful.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great weekend.

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