Saturday, August 19, 2006

Absolutely Fabulous meets Street Legal.

Remember Joseph Briante, the too friendly, too gay, too fashionably dressed West Coast lawyer? Well, he's back in business, co-founder of the Hardcore Superstar Legal Management Corporation. You've really got to check out the Web site, if only for the shots of Joe's Outrageous Joy chest tattoo. Also, his bio notes:
Look for Joseph’s lyrical prose and installments of his tell-all, on-line autobiography about his laughable misadventures as an associate onboard intergalactic slave ship paper factories and as a “faggotty dress up party” (© 1998 the Hon. Justice Ian Binnie) appearing shirtless in dirty gay clubs across the globe.
Look, you may not personally want to hire Hardcore Superstar Legal Management as your lawyers, but I have no doubt that they will find a real niche.

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