Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bon Cop, Blog Cop!

Forget the flying reptiles: I can't wait to see Bon Cop, Bad Cop when it opens here in Toronto on Friday. Ever since I first read its corny title last year and learned it was a bilingual buddy cop comedy, I've been licking my chops in anticipation. (The conceit: A body is found draped over the Welcome to Ontario sign; a Quebec and a Ontario cop have to team up to solve the hockey-related murder.) The fact that it is breaking box-office record after record in Quebec is only whetting my appetite. The film got in the North American box office Top Twenty on its first weekend -- even though it was only open in Quebec! (Here's are the trailers: 1, 2.)

But will R.O.C.-ers go to see this movie at the local multiplex? Maybe... The fact that the English screens (with subtitles for the French lines) pulled in an average of $11,000 in Quebec on its opening weekend bodes well. The fact that I can only find the French-language trailers online bodes not so well.

Listen folks: This is our Snakes on a Plane! (Which, by the way, loses much of its kitch appeal when you see the French ads for Serpents a bord.) Our so-bad-it's-wicked-cool action movie! The tagline is: Shoot first translate later! Come on! How can you not see this movie?

In related not-suitable-for-work news, here's a YouTube video making the rounds of the Queblogosphere -- a cutting-room floor clip from a MusiquePlus interview with Bon Cop, Bad Cop star Lucie Laurier's nipple falls out of her dress. To date, it has been viewed close to 11,000 times. Firing offence for the MPlus staffer who leaked this to the Internet? Or viral ad campaign? (Note: BCBC's actual trailer has only been viewed 650 times on YouTube.)

And hey! The guy who did the production rewrite has a blog!

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