Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quebec's Nipplegate perks up!

This story's got, er, legs. I can tell because my traffic is up again...

So, for the many people who are arriving here looking for T: Lucie Laurier wants a public apology from MusiquePlus. They've got 24 hours and then she's going to sue.

In other Bon Cop, Bad Cop news (have you notice BCBC is my new Drowsy Chaperone?), the bilingual buddy cop flick is now the third most successful Quebec film of all time in Quebec. It has earned $7.1 million in Quebec -- and $780,000 in the rest of Canada.

Meanwhile, co-screenwriter Alex Epstein has an idea why Bon Cop, Bad Cop is doing less well in English Canada. Or, more specifically, why it did less well on the opening weekend.

Recall the opening numbers: $1.4 million in Quebec and $350,000 in the ROC. The producers may have spent $1-million on promotion in Quebec and an equal mount in the ROC, BUT the ROC has (a little more than) three times the population of Quebec. About 25 million people live in ROC to Quebec's 7.5 million.

So, if you think in terms of advertising $$ per capita, BCBC's producers spent 3 times more per person on promotion in Quebec than they did in the ROC. They spent four cents trying to convince each individual person in Canada to go see the movie, but a little over 13 cents trying to convince each Quebecer to come. Is it any wonder that they had (over) three times as much success in Quebec? Maybe Quebec's cinema-supporting culture and language firewall really only has to do with 1/4 of the film's success...

What if the producers had spent an equal amount per capita on promotion in English Canada, ie. $3.3 million?

Seems the lesson is the same as always: if you want Canadian films to do well -- you gotta spend the money to promote them! It's expensive though, obviously... Most Canadian films don't have a $3.3 million filming budget, never mind advertising budget.

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