Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dawson College stories...

Disturbed by the events of today, I haven't really been able to get to sleep. So I've been reading some of the first-hand and second-hand accounts of the Dawson College shooting on blogs and LJs. The stories are amazing and the courage or just plain humanity on display is heartening. Read on.

- BlaQueroze: "Today, at around 12:45pm, I was about to leave Alexis Nihon Mall to go back to Dawson College with my friend JV. As soon as I stepped out of the mall to cross the street to get in the Atrium entrance, I hear a bunch of "firecracker" sound and suddenly, I see a man in a long black coat with a mohawk carrying a gun that might resemble a machine gun. I panicked, he was shooting at people who were sitting beside the entrance to the College. I told my friend to run back into the mall. It took awhile for people to realize that there was shooting going on. I ran to the food court of the mall and immediately informed people about what I just saw. By then, several students were near the food court window and observing what is going on. The gunman entered the school and a student was on the street bleeding from the back of his head. Everything happened so quickly, and when you're in that certain moment, there is no time to think. I said I would make a long entry but there is not enough words to justify what has happened."

- You cannot please... : "SO i went to school to get shot today apparently, so this is what happened from my perspective, i went for lunch at alexis nihon and i crossed the street at the entrance where the guy got shot like literally one minute before it happened if i would have went to the bathroom before crossing the street like i was planning to then it could have been me or i would have been right there when it happened, i also made some weird eye contact with a security guard as i passed a sign that said "welcome back students" on the exit door of the mall. SO i literally had time to go one floor up from where they entered and log into a computer and the shots went off
it was like someone was moving a guirder from the construction site behind us, but it was apparently the guy getting shot outside the window i was sitting beside. i was just far enough away that it was the wrong angle to see what was happened but i looked and saw a whole bunch of people gasping and running away so i went to see what was going on and i passed by my teachers office and he was like FUCK!!!! so i stepped in and he told me that someone had been shot so i went to go and look and it was practically right underneath us but a little diagonal like one class or two over. so we thought that it was like a robbery or something that he had been mugged (or the two people had been mugged cause there was a guy and a chick laying on the ground, the guy had blood dripping everywhere and onto the street) so we are all trying to figure out what the hell was happening and my teacher kept saying FUCK and it was awkward so then this guy (Mike from printing) was all like get into the classrooms and lock the doors, i was like trying to get out of the office cause i was alone with the teacher (who called me out on skipping his class yesterday). So we heard in the class next door that they were moving around furniture to block the door and my teacher tried to do the same and i was like..... isn't there a keypad lock on your office.....? so he stopped. n e ways we decided it was probably a bad idea to be up against the windows and i was getting traumatized by the people dying on the street. and then one got up and they parked cars around the guy that was still there so that the paramedics couold work on him safely."

- Freakundercover: "Yes. I am a Dawson College student. Yes. I was in school at that time. Yes. I ran like I've never ran before. Yes. I saw someone got shot in the stomach. Yes. I'm freaked out."

- stylistixs: "i swear, i thought everything was alright.
i thought everyone that i knew got out alright.
apparently not.
oh dear god, please.
joel's apparently fine. he got shot in the arm.
his gf though, was shot in teh stomach."

- Jay from Metroblogging Montreal: "My colleague then spotted a young girl looking for cover in the hallway and ran out to help her. There was another gun shot as he got the student to the ground... he was hit in the shoulder and ran back to the print shop. I have no idea what happened to the student, I don't know if he knows either. He will be fine, I'm no expert on bullet wounds, but it looked like it went straight through."

- Olek: "i have never ran so fast in my life."

- Words and Things: "So we were basically locked into our office while we waited to be evacuated. At one point we heard there was supposedly a gunman on the fourth floor (we're on the fourth floor). It does seem like a shooting happened on the fourth floor, because when we were being evacuated I noticed bloodstains starting near the escalator on the fourth floor. But we never heard any gunshots.
So we waited. We tried to joke around but we were tense. At one point we heard a pounding on the outer door (there's the door to our office and then there's a door to the wing). This was soon after we heard there was a gunman at large on the fourth floor. But whoever it was soon stopped."

- David: "We were told we'd have to exit out Sherbrooke St. instead, and were run to the stopped escalators and told to run down with our hands above our heads. Attack dogs and cops with guns drawn were everywhere. We filed down to the 2nd floor, at gunpoint, and were motioned to run out and hug the left wall. Without noticing I had run past the scene of the crime, and past the mangled corpse of the gunman without even noticing. We ran down the side of the building, and at this point most of the girls were freaking out and a few were sobbing loudly, obviously scared. Things had gotten past the surreal point with me when I saw my first police officer pointing a gun at me; now it was simply intense. Running past the red tape that had been run around the whole college, I was stopped by the French media and gave my account in decent but halting French."

- You cannot please... II: "we got to the end of the hall and they were all yelling things like double back and the stairs are secure! so we got outside and we are all like single file style like when they got out of columbine during that shooting, it was sooooo eerie, and i looked back towards the main entrance on de maissoneuve and there were like swat team members that were like sidestepping along the wall towards the entrance so i ran across atwater where there were like 6 ambulances blocking the intersection and i crossed them and on the other side were like 8 million tv cameras and i was like no this is really like columbine or like some sort of like mass evacuation like 9/11 when everybody was like running away i was like I DONT WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE ON THE NEWS, and apparently i am even on the news in ottawa let alone montreal... "

- Blork: "It was a strange place to be. A cluster of gawkers around a bunch of emergency vehicles is not unusual – it happens whenever a big fire breaks out. But this was different. There were notebooks, textbooks, and other student paraphenalia scattered about. It was only later, when I realized how much ground the shooter had covered, that I realized the stuff had been dropped by people fleeing the scene during the first few minutes of chaos. Basically that means I was standing a matter of feet from where the shooting had started. What shook me, however, was when I noticed I could still smell cordite (gunpower). That’s when it really sunk in that this was more than just some nut taking a few pot-shots."

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