Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rae Daze...

Is it true that Bob Rae donated money to NDP candidates in the January 2006 election? You know I don't have any time for the argument that Rae "defected" to the Liberals or whatnot, but this is another matter... If Rae was helping the NDP defeat the Liberals in January, it is a bit rich for him to want to lead the Liberals less than a year later.

I'm not a Liberal, but if I was one it might lead me switch my support to Dion or Kennedy. Maybe Dryden.

Ignatieff, you say? I admire the man, really, but I shudder to think of him as Prime Minister of Canada. He's an ideas man and I really think they should stick to journalism and academia where their big, beautiful ideas (Democracy in Iraq! A constitution signed by Quebec's national assembly!) can't hurt anyone.

UPDATE: Calgary Grit has Rae campaign feedback. His NDP donations were "the result of personal and not political ties." Okay, but the point still stands I think. If I was a left-leaning Liberal, it might lead me to consider another candidate.

Right now, it seems to be that Rae, Dion or (if you believe Calgary Grit's numbers) Kennedy is going to end up leader. The reason being that if Ignatieff doesn't win on the first ballot (which he won't), the left-leaning Libs will coalesce around a single candidate.

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