Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now I've seen everything...

A pelican eating a pigeon?
This country is craaaazy!

I particularly like that the BBC covered this. I love the headline: Pelican swallows pigeon in park.

Reports a photographer who happened upon the scene:
Mr McNaughton, from the Press Association, said: "The pelican was on the towpath preening itself, and there were a lot of tourists watching it.

"Then the bird got up and strolled along until it reached one of the pigeons, which it just grabbed in its beak.

"There was a bit of a struggle for about 20 minutes, with all these people watching. The pelican only opened its mouth a couple of times.

"Then it managed to get the pigeon to go head first down its throat. It was kicking and flapping the whole way down."
A bit of a struggle? For twenty minutes? Ladies and gentlemen, the British art of understatement.

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