Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bob Rae for Minister of Canadian Heritage!

The folks over The Tyee asked me to write a bit about the Liberal leadership from the arts & culture perspective. If that sort of thing was what Liberals voted for, the Notorious B.O.B. would win in a walk. He did, after all, introduce hip hop to Toronto. Whereas Dion thinks rappers "speak too fast."

Sure, Ignatieff was shortlisted for the Booker, but an actual Booker winner -- Michael Ondaatje -- has campaigned for Bob. And speaking of the Bookers, Bob was the first major political leader to meet publicly with Salman Rushdie (author of Midnight's Children, the Booker of Bookers) after the Ayatollah issued his infamous fatwa. You'd think that would endear him to those who insist the West stand up to Islamists... Not so much, though.

Read all about Maestro Fresh Bob, the culture candidate, over at The Tyee.

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