Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Ryerson Review of (Toronto) Journalism.

There's a disappointing article about the Dawson College shooting coverage on the RRJ's Web site.

Rachel Hahn's story "The Game of the Name" begins: "After the Dawson College shootings, four Toronto daily newspapers raced against deadline and each other to get one crucial fact. Here's how two of them got the scoop... and two didn't."

The crucial fact was the name of the shooter. And how The Sun and The Toronto Star got the story, while The Globe and The Post didn't is not actually an interesting story at all.

Basically, The Sun was told the name by sister paper Le Journal de Montreal and The Star was told by reporters at La Presse, a Montreal paper it has a relationship with.

Now I'm no magazine journalism prof, but shouldn't the story have been how Le Journal de Montreal and La Presse got the scoop?

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