Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The honeymoon is over.

Dion should give up his French citizenship. Not to channel Mike Harris or anything, but it's just common sense.

So saith a dual citizen who is totally down on all those dual citizen haters out there.


William Muck said...

Coyne's comments on this subject are interesting.

wkh said...

I think he should be left alone unless he is PM. and even then, I am not sure. (I don't count chickens before they hatch. To me, him being PM is not a guaranteed thing).

Interestingly, if I was ever in the armed forces or served in parliament or cabinet the US would revoke my citizenship.

Why do you think he should?

J. Kelly said...

I think that politicians should not only avoid conflicts of interest, but also avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest. Leading one country while being a citizen of another is at least an appearance of a conflict of interest.
I mean, in truth, I don't really care if Dion holds French citizenship... but I can understand why some people are bothered by it.

wkh said...

I agree with appearance. My thing is tho, I just don't see where it's a conflict. I can see not being part of government of two states. That's a conflict. But if it's not a conflict for an ordinary citizen, how is it for a politician? (Is it for an ordinary citizen?) I don't see how it would be any less a conflict being a citizen than having a *parent* who was a citizen.

And I hate to play it but... *whispers* I really do believe with all my heart no one would say *jack shit* about this if he were either a) anglophone and/or b) it was not France we were talking about. If he had Preston's level of French linguistic ability, no one would even mention it (the guy doesn't even have a French passport!). And well, see Turner for countries other than France.