Monday, December 04, 2006

Mémoires affectives.

Okay, I promise this blog hasn't gone all-Dion-all-the-time. But let me point you to two good posts of Andrew Potter's about how Stéphane Dion’s views on federalism and Quebec are constantly misrepresented.

Here's a prime example from the CBC today:
In Dion's Montreal riding of St-Laurent-Cartierville, which he has won five elections in a row, his constituents weren't sure what to make of his new role as Liberal leader.

"To win the heart of Quebecers, what will he do?" wondered Llesse Chuckiken, who said it's hard to forget that Dion voted against Harper's motion acknowledging the Québécois as a nation within Canada.
That must be hard to forget, because not only did Dion vote for Harper's motion, but Harper consulted Dion when he was drafting it! There is clearly a serious disinformation campaign about Dion in Québec...

Anyway, here are two encouraging signs that those of us who think Dion is going to end up doing just fine in Quebec aren't totally up merde creek.

1) A poll that blasts the conventional wisdom on Dion in Quebec: "62 per cent of respondents in the province said that Mr. Dion was a good choice for the Liberals, with only 29 per cent saying he was a bad choice. The approval of the Liberals' pick was higher in Quebec than in the rest of the country, where 55 per cent liked the choice."

2) The fact that La Presse cartoonist Serge Chapleau has stopped drawing Dion as a rat... now he's a beaver, a much bigger and more admired rodent.

Dion Makeover

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wkh said...

Dion is just such a fucking likable guy. I really think if they address Making Sure Adscam Doesn't Happen Again he could annihilate in Quebec, because large numbers of Quebecers may like the Bloc, and the same ones may like sovereignty, but they don't like Harper's politics even more. It's just *not* a socially conservative province.

BTW Do you have the bliss of knowing Quebecers who would never dream of voting for *provincial* Liberals, are rabid PQists, mild separatists, and hard core federal election Liberal voters since "the Bloc is stupid- they'll never have a majority and leave us with toads like Harper" too?