Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Best. French Presidential Election. Ever.

Check it: www.discosarko.com

And in other surreal French election news:
[Ségo] Royal's supporters, following an example set by the extreme-right National Front party, this month opened an office in ``Second Life,'' a virtual world where users create avatars, move about, chat, buy land, build homes and do business.

``Come in large numbers and you'll find me there,'' Royal said in an online video posting to inaugurate the virtual headquarters, which drew a steady stream of visitors last week.

The ``Second Life'' presence of the anti-immigration, ultra-nationalist National Front has prompted protests and even violent virtual clashes between supporters and opponents.

One group of players - who call themselves ``Second Life Left Unity'' - moved in next to the National Front's office and vowed to carry out protests there ``until FN go or are ejected.''

The National Front later moved to another section of the virtual world because, they say, their new premises are more spacious.

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