Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Honking Breasts.

Found myself at the Canadian High Commission tonight, as us expats sometimes do, talking to two people who work at Horse & Hound. (Yes! The Horse and Hound magazine. It actually exists.)

So, one of the two -- after a couple o' glasses of a Niagara region wine -- told a story about being stuck in London traffic recently and some idiot behind her honking obnoxiously. After thirty seconds of keeping her cool, she finally lost it and started making an obscene gesture at the loser behind her.

The honking continued, however. So, she made more obscure gestures.

It was only a couple of minutes later that she realised that, in fact, the car behind her was not honking. Her breasts were pressing into her own horn and she hadn't noticed.

So, yes. The punchline is the title of this post.

True story. She swears.

This post is for Sarah Marchildon who wants me to blog more about life in London. There you go.

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Sarah said...

Awesome. More London stories, please!