Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Concordia safe and sound.

It's unsettling to see pictures of tactical police a few blocks away from my home in Montreal... But I'm relieved that it was a false alarm that sent the cops to Concordia University's Loyola campus today and that no harm has come to anyone. Better safe than sorry. When in doubt, etc, etc.

I am a little displeased, however, to see Loyola described as "the suburban campus of Montreal's Concordia University" by CP. N.D.G. ain't no suburb, yo. It is, as the Concordia Web site properly puts it, "residential west-end Montréal."

This is like how I have to explain that Montreal West is not the West Island all the time...

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Cameron Campbell said...

I've got you one up on the disturbing scale (well probably several up): getting told that there was a police operation, maybe a gun man, and that all staff and faculty were to lock themselves in their offices/labs.

And then not hearing anything for about an hour and having to rely on CJAD for info.