Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My S.O.B. Story.

Um... So I had the tickets all along. I just found them cleaning up.

Wah! I'm such an idiot....


Anders said...

Um, can you find some tickets for me cleaning up? They're playing half a block away from me and I can't think of anything more frustrating!

Niles said...

Rejoice that you found them with only a bit of dithering and anxiety BEFORE the event. That's good fortune. Do the Snoopy dance!

Imagine if you found them AFTER the event passed.

Anonymous said...

According to the Jan 24th issue of the Montreal Gazette, likely it's old news, some tickets for the Arcade show are being auctioned off for some Mile End charity on Ebay.

And the band will apparently be selling a few (I think 25?) tickets each day there's a concert in Montreal, at some music store at noon the day of the concert. Complete with things in place to prevent (or limit) scalping.

So there's still hope Anders.