Saturday, January 13, 2007

My sob story.

To make a long story short: Getting up early a few months ago, I managed to purchase tickets to the Arcade Fire show here in London on January 30. Later on, I realised that I actually needed tickets to the January 29th concert.

So, I went to the Arcade Fire fansite and offered to switch two tickets to the concert on the 30th for two tickets on the 29th. A kind fellow named Romain offered to make the switch.

So, this Friday, yesterday, I went down to meet Romain and we exchanged tickets. I got home about two hours later and patted my pocket: the tickets were missing.

Somewhere between Liverpool tube station and my home in Finsbury Park, I lost two tickets to see the Arcade Fire on January 29 in London. I retraced my steps, but could not find them.

I hereby post this plea on my blog on the off chance that:

a) Someone in London has found my tickets. If you happened to find two tickets on Friday, please drop me an e-mail at jkelly - at - I would be happy to give you one of the tickets and a reward; or

b) Someone has an extra ticket to the Jan. 29 concert I could buy off them. Has to be the 29th, I'm afraid.

I'm a sad ticket-losing idiot! A truly lousy start to the weekend...


sean said...

oh for fuck's sake; that really sucks.

Anonymous said...

See the comments for your December 15th entry about the band. Apparently Anders' curse has worked.

Of course, in a very twisted way I lost something when out to Uncalled For's
December 22nd show, and either it fell out
of my pocket while trying to get there safely with everything coated in ice, or at the venue.


Christine Estima said...

aww, sweety, that sucks!!! i hate when that bullshit happens! it seems to happen every time you close your eyes (woooo-wooooo).

Sarah said...

Yay! You're finally writing about stuff that's happening in London. Losing those tickets sucks, though. How did they just fall out of your pocket? Do you think that maybe your coat pocket has a hole in it and that maybe the tickets are inside your coat somewhere between the liner and the outside fabric? That has happened to me.

Good luck. Hope you get to go to the concert.