Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Not too cool for school.

This is pretty classy. The Arcade Fire will be playing their first live gig in over a year on Friday -- in the cafeteria at Canterbury High School, the excellent Ottawa-area arts school. This is a bit of a change from their last show, which was opening for U2 at Montreal's Bell Centre in November of 2005.

AF guitarist/percussionist Richard Parry is a Canterbury grad (so many great Canadian musicians, actors and artists are) and the concert is a fundraiser for the Canterbury Arts Centre Development Association. Tickets are on-sale today and tomorrow at lunch. Don't go mobbing the school, though -- the tix are only being sold to students, grads and CACDA members.

After Canterbury, it's on to five-night, sold-out-in-seconds stands in London, Montreal and New York for the band...

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