Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Reading.

Well, Sunday reading if you're my mother wondering what I've been writing lately, anyway. (Hi mom!)

- Drowsy Chaperone composers Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison take on the Mayor of London's anti-pigeon policies... in song! Includes a bonus mp3 of Georgia Engel singing the paean to pigeons, A Breadcrumb Now and Then. (See how I'm becoming a journalist of the 21st Century?)

- Follow the bouncing meme: On January 5, the National Post published my interview with Jerry Haleva, the California lobbyist who has moonlighted as a Saddam Hussein impersonator in such movies as Hot Shots! Part Deux and The Big Lebowski. ("I have been getting a good deal of questioning about whether my career is permanently over... I think it's going to slow significantly, but the reports of Jerry Haleva's hanging are greatly exaggerated.") On Friday, after a bit of hang time, The Sun here in London reported on it. Then, the story spread to India...

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