Friday, February 02, 2007

Folks, check your e-mail addresses.

Ever since I started using jkelly - ought - as my main e-mail address, I have been getting misaddressed e-mails on a daily basis. Not spam, but e-mail intended for James Kellys or Jane Kellys or Jehovah Kellys around the world.

What's amazing to me is how often I get sent sensitive information in these e-mails: resumes, legal documents, fraternity secret-handshake instructions.

Today, however, I got the best misaddressed e-mail to date. It was from someone at the Office of Naval Research. It includes a template for contingency plans related to the SIPR (Secret IP Router) network.

There doesn't really seem to be anything classified in the document sent to me, but still... Remember to check that your spelling your e-mail addresses properly!

I just thought I'd blog about this tonight before going to bed in case someone from the military bursts into my house overnight and ships me off to Guantanamo... You'll know what happened if you don't hear from me.

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