Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Bloggeversary to me! But whither On the Fence?

Hello! My apologies for going AWOL. It's been a hectic little while, lots of changes on the personal and professional fronts.

I don't think I ever announced my new job on this ol' blog yet. Perhaps only on Facebook, which is the crack cocaine of social networking sites. (Wait, that ex is dating him? Again!?!)

Anyway, please head on over to: the Guardian Unlimited music site. I am the subeditor there, since last Tuesday, and will continue to be for the term of a one-year contract.

A "sub" -- for all of you who, like me until recently, were not up on their British journalism terminology -- is essentially what we call a "copy editor" in Canada (and the rest of North America, I believe). In the case of GU Music (uh, GUM?), I edit the copy that comes in, place it on the site with the appropriately sized photo and write the headlines and display copy. Ditto for the blog.

While my main job at the National Post was arts reporting, I also had the opportunity -- at one time I considered it a misfortune -- to do some copy editing. Subbing on a Web site is entirely different. Instead of having one deadline at the end of the day, when your pages have to be laid out and your copy clean, the Web site is constantly being updated. I put up the content from the paper when I arrive, then edit and put up blog posts and web-only content throughout the day.

I'm still getting the swing of things, so it feels a bit hectic at the moment. But I'm having a lot of fun, my colleagues are all congenial folks and I'm excited to be immersed in the editing side of things. I know a lot of you are music lovers, so I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on GUM and your suggestions to make it better. (I'd also love to hear your recommendations for good music blogs, UK-based or otherwise.)

In general, I'm just really happy to be working at Guardian Unlimited, which is by all accounts one of the best newspaper Web sites in the world. In fact, it has won two Webbies for exactly that. I have long been a GU reader (I'm not alone: the majority of GU readers are based outside the UK), especially of the arts site, so it feels like a real privilege to be part of the team that shapes its content.

One drawback: Spending my whole day on the Web hasn't given me much of an appetite for blogging when back at home. Plus, there has been the aforementioned personal front.

In fact, I've been so distracted by the world turning that I completely forgot my fourth bloggeversary on February 9!

As I like to do on my bloggeversary, here is an excerpt from my second post:
I know I'm kind of late jumping on this whole blog bandwagon, but what can I say... I was steadfastly against Napster for at least six months, before I actually got it on my computer and warmed to the idea of free music on my computer. I had this paranoid argument that some evil child pornographer was going to get access to my harddrive.
As for online communities, I teased a friend of mine for her obsession with a particular website, until I ended up addicted to a message board myself.
There's also the small matter of my cell phone. I used to endlessly harangue my friend Alex about his, the end of the distinction between public and private, the brain cancer... Now, I really don't know what I would do sans cell.
All this to say that I may be coming on late, but what the hell.
Mockery is welcome.
Mockery is still welcome, of course.. While I've been busy of late, I have no intention of stopping On the Fence. This place, in its many incarnations over the year, has become special to me and I can't ever see myself giving up on it until it is pried from my cold dead fingers.

Or I get a job where they tell me to stop.

One or the other.


Sarah said...

Wow! Congratulations on the job. That sounds like a cool gig. Plus, these one-year contracts always have a way of morphing into something more permanent.

Way to go!

Anders said...

Happy Bloggeversary! And crograts again on becomming a blogpolyee of Guardian Unlimited! I just hope the work-blogging doesn't eat away too much of your available blog-time for personal-blogging. Blog blog blog, blog-blog blog!

Ben said...

I always said it was for your own good.

Tybalt said...

I read GU all the time (primarily for the excellent sports coverage - hard to find good UK sports coverage not written for morons). Great website, congrats on the gig.