Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The naked truth about Harry Potter

Hey – check out my review of the West End revival of Equus, starring a certain Daniel Radcliffe, in the Toronto Star.

UPDATE: The link is fixed. But check it out, as of 5pm EST, my review is the "Most Read" and "Most Emailed" story on the star's Web site. People are obviously interested in the play -- mainly, I suspect, because of the interest in Radcliffe's nude scene.

Indeed, I have got several e-mails from people today asking me to describe Radcliffe's hairy putter in detail! Folks, I was in the dress circle at the back. It was neither monstrous, nor teenie-weenie, but other than that I wouldn't be able to testify in court about it.

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Philip Akin said...

Hey Kelly,

Nice review but I think your link might be a bit messed.