Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm sticking with Virgin Mobile for now...

... but thanks for selling me this song, T-Mobile.

- In other music-listening news, I finally caved and bought the new Amy Winehouse CD, Back to Black. Yes, the actual, physical CD.

Anyway, so I'm sitting at home here with my strep throat, digesting my first dose of penicillin and listening to track 3, Me & Mr Jones (no, not Mr Jones and Me, though that was a great sing-along in grade 9), and I'm wondering to myself, "I wonder what the lyrics are?"

So I head to the Interweb and start to Google and then realise -- Oh my god! This CD comes with a "lyrics booklet" and all the lyrics are printed there just for me!

CDs, man. The wave of the future.

The lyrics in question (or questionable lyrics) that I was looking for are, FYI: "What king of fuckery is this?"

She's great. If you're in North America and they're not all hep to this cat yet, try this on for size.

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Ben said...

Dude, Maryam's been talking about her for ten months.