Monday, March 26, 2007

Is anyone dying to find out the results of the Quebec election?

I know I am, but I can't really stay up all night here in London to find out. I guess when I wake up the results will be known.

I feel kind of bad for hoping the ADQ will do well, since the party's hard-line stance on "reasonable accommodation" has even put off my conservative friends. Perhaps it's Machiavellian of me, but I think a strong ADQ showing could shake up the old verities of Quebec politics. Three of my anglophone friends back home in Montreal are voting Quebec Solidaire and a know a number of folks on the West Island who are voting ADQ; it's just a pleasure to see them not grudgingly line up in fear behind the Liberals for once, to get involved in the debate with the rest of the society.

I'm not hoping for a right-wing Quiet Revolution, but it would be nice if every party could adopt the "autonomist" point of view of the ADQ and then go on to debate actual issues. I'm a bit of an autonomist myself, if it means decentralized federalism without the hyperbolic grievances, which is what I'm taking it as anyway.

Whew! Time change. It's just one hour, but it really tires you out and makes you groggy. And really, what can I speculate about that hundreds of other bloggers who are actually in the country haven't already?


Matt said...

Only one more hour until the polls close - and I will be up until the wee hours waiting for the results. I agree that it would be nice to finally see the Quebec political system move towards a party system that isn't completely overshadowed by the national question - I just wish that it was a left-leaning party that was going to end up holding the balance of power.

The Tiger said...

Given the above caveats, probably the actual results were exactly what was hoped for...