Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Long Tail.

Take a look at the comment just added to this Fringe Festival preview post from June 13, 2003. The guy is upset that I dissed his show... almost four years ago!

(And yet, what can I say: S/he's right. I ended up feeling bad about that post and haven't made a list of Fringe shows NOT to see again - at least not until I've actually seen them.)

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Alison said...

It's way to mean for me to ever actually say it to anyone's face, but I always want to say to the hate-mailers like that: You can call me names, but that won't make your show suck any less.

But "worst-of" Fringe lists really aren't in the true spirit of the Fringe anyway. You know that now. No hate mail from you. From me, anyway.