Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mario Dumont and the ADQ.

Yeah, it's the weekend and I'm catching up on my Canadian news. I enjoyed Konrad Yakbuski's profile of ADQ leader Mario Dumont in the Globe and Mail and thought I'd point you to it. Of interest:
[Dumont]'d be sitting in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet now if he hadn't chosen instead to fight on as ADQ Leader.

“I know Quebec and I know Quebec politics. I don't know federal politics and frankly I'm not really interested in learning it,” Mr. Dumont shrugs during an interview on his campaign bus. “But I know Stephen Harper and I voted for him... In the ridings where the Conservatives were elected, the proportion of Adéquiste organizers was, let's just say, very high. We're the same people. Their people are our people.”
Also, a good clarification of the ADQ's "s'affirmer sans se separer" position:
...Mr. Dumont now aims to create the “autonomous state of Quebec” within Canada. He has come full circle from the 1991 Allaire report – adopted by the Quebec Liberals, of which Mr. Dumont was then one, but shelved by Mr. Bourassa – calling for exclusive authority for Quebec in 22 jurisdictions. Full circle, he concedes, but with one important difference.

“The Allaire report was formulated as a grocery list and a knife to the throat [of English Canada],” Mr. Dumont explains. “Our autonomist position is not formulated as a grocery list or a knife to the throat. But the basic philosophy is the same.”
I am very curious as to the outcome of this upcoming election... I'm not a huge fan of Dumont's policies, but I think everyone would benefit if the ADQ gained official party status. I do wonder if they're gaining any traction in the West Island.

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I used this post to track down the article so I could reference it in my thesis. You've come a long way since your song & dance routine for CUP, baby! Do you still flush toques down toilets?