Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fact, Fiction, did I just dream that?

Just downloaded the first of the last episodes of The Sopranos - What? I'm not going to wait for it come to England - and there's this scene where Tony and Bobby meet up with a couple of "Canucks". They turn out to be French Canadians from Montreal, one of which want Tony to do him a favour by rubbing out his sister's boyfriend. The boyfriend, a musician, wants to take their child to Winnipeg.

Anyway, just really weird for me, because my father is a musician who moved to Winnipeg from Montreal - and wanted us to live with him there. (I spent my summers there, instead.) No one took out a hit on my pa, though, thankfully.

It's just such a strangely specific thing to see crop up in a drama.

Still love, love, love the Sopranos. That Monopoly game and the house stuck to Tony's cheek!

How many more episodes does that leave? I'm sad already...

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