Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ich bin allergisch gegen Nüsse!

Erdnuss Flips
Originally uploaded by uncascrooge.
These popular snacks may look like your regular, run-of-the-mill cheesies, but Erdnuss-Flips are in fact peanut puffs. Sneaky Germans!

You let your guard down for one second and suddenly you're at the Krankenhaus on a Saturday night in Berlin. On the upside, you get to see a part of the city that most tourists do not, get to use your rudimentary German/sign language communication skills in a thrilling situation, and get to assess the public health care system in Germany first-hand...

On the subject of the latter, I can only say that it was very efficient - as you'd expect - but also much, much hotter than the health care systems in Canada or England.

Remember the hot nurse from the ostalgie comedy Goodbye Lenin! (Worth a rental if you haven't seen it.) Well, all the doctors and nurses were worthy of a co-starring role in a romantic comedy. I seriously considered asking my main doctor what she was doing after her shift, but a) do not know how to say that in German, and b) she was injecting various anti-histamines into my bloodstream, so it probably was the inappropriate moment to do so.

Anyway, danke, danke, danke for the fine, swift treatment Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin! More on my weekend trip blogged soon...


Cameron Campbell said...

1) That's some fucked up sneaky peanut snacking right there
2) I'm very glad to hear that you are ok
3) WTF kind of blogger are you that you didn't take pictures of the medical staff hotness?
4) Did you get to see anything else in Berlin?

Alison said...

Oh, I'm glad you're ok! Israel has peanut puff snacks, too. Not only are they dangerous to my allergy-laden friends, but they're pretty gross, too. Oh well. I'm glad you had a good German hospital experience, at least.

Tasmia said...

They have peanut puffs in Japan too.

Glad that you're well.

Marci said...

As a fellow peanut-allerge, I was horrified to read about your cheese puff fiasco! I'm relieved that you are ok, and glad to see that the episode didn't spoil your birthday.

Happy 26th, old man. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm An American living in Germany too, allergic to all nuts except peanuts. Had a bad restaurant experience yesterday--was our tenth wedding anniversary; my husband phoned ahead to make sure ther'd be no nuts--at allegedly the best restaurant in the Ruhr region. After several delicious courses, the chef forgot to remove the almond-hazelnut wafer from the next course and of course forgot to tell me. Is there any way of getting nut allergy awareness raised around here, or are Germans just less allergic and so less intersted?

Anonymous said...

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