Thursday, April 12, 2007

My job... it ain't so bad

Pull Tiger Tail
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For instance, yesterday I stood waiting for the elevator with Pull Tiger Tail. They had just finished recording the Guardian Music Weekly podcast with my colleagues, who informed them that I was Canadian.

Pull Tiger Tail's tour manager is a Canadian himself and has O Canada on his alarm clock, so the band was familiar with (and slightly annoyed by) my national anthem. Nevertheless, as we waited for the elevator, they broke into an acoustic guitar version of it, and I sang a line or two. When the lift finally arrived and we embarked I told them, "You know, in Canada, they play the national anthem in every elevator." (I regularly make up stuff like this here.) And so, as we descended to the basement, I got some more O Canada.

So, yes, my job ain't so bad, and the Pull Tiger Tail kids are very nice folks - especially Marcus, who chatted with me down Farringdon St. If you like the tunes on their MySpace page and want to see them in London, why not hit up the Camden Crawl on April 19th? The least I can do after the elevator ride is plug their show.

(Also, as you can see from this photo, they play Scrabble - do you need any other reason to go see them?)

In other Canadian/music news, I am pumped to go see Feist next Tuesday, especially after reading Sasha Frere-Jones's piece on her in the New Yorker.

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