Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today's articles of note.

- The friendship that dare not speak its name: Liza Frulla and Louise Beaudoin release a book about being BFF across the sovereigntist/federalist divide. Which actually isn't that unusual a thing, but I always like reading stories about such relationships, as they warm the cockles of my cold, cold heart. [In French, by the way.]

- Have I mentioned Nick Cohen on On the Fence, oops, I mean Off the Fence yet? He's my favourite columnist over here (so far: I have left so much of the UK media landscape unexplored; that's something I really need to get on). His column today on how the far fringes of the environmental movement are undermining the very important movement they supposedly support is classic Cohen, so here's the link.


Cameron Campbell said...

" On the Fence, oops, I mean Off the Fence yet?"

This does beg the question: why off? And to what?

Cameron Campbell said...

Umm.. the problem being that the center that Cohen talks about is an astro turf group that fiddled with their numbers to umm.. what's the polite term, lie.

So the response was wrong, but when you umm.. lie sometimes you get called on it. Not always by polite people or in a polite way.