Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eat your heart out, David Frum.

The critics are raving about my latest post on the Guardian arts blog, about Spider-Man 3 and the death of the neoconservative dream.

Spider-Man 3 and George W Bush

"This really is one of the poorest articles associated with The Guardian I've ever read."

"[I]s this the best use of the Guardians money?"

"The Guardian doesn't like it when you point out how close their conspiracy theories parallel the paranoid fantasies of anti-semites."

Ladies and gentlemen... the Internet!


Your friend said...

Bush is looking fierce!

Anonymous said...

Is responsibability a political gaffe joke or just an old-fashioned typo?

J. Kelly said...

I'm guessing the former - but I didn't write the display copy.

guy said...

FYI, I came across this and thought of your post's comments.

joncormier said...

You do realize your folly don't you? The proper pop culture metaphor to explain American foreign policy is Resident Evil 4, as per below.

Mader said...

For what it's worth, Kelly, the piece made me smile more than once. I think those Wanker readers need to get out more.

Christine Estima said...

it's easier to attack an online blogger for his astute remarks than it is to go out in the world and actually make them yourself.

those wusses would probably back-peddle in your presence, the internet allows them to lack accountability and remain pussies and faceless.

fuck 'em. i thought the article was great:)