Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

I am, I must admit, feeling a bit homesick today.

But I'll be back, July 28 to August 12, on tour through Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. I can't wait! Well, actually, I can because I have a trip to Rome planned for next weekend and then I'm going to this the weekend after. Summer!


Cameron Campbell said...

As always 12 hours or so notice buys you a cup of coffee and some kind of treat at my house Kelly

Anders said...

yay! Kelly visit! But you're missing the country party by like one week! Curses!

Philip Akin said...


Come see me down in Stratford. I'll get you a comp.


Anonymous said...

So you're going to be missing the Toronto fringe. How does it feel to have it happening and you're not around?