Thursday, July 19, 2007

How cool is Google Earth?

OK, you probably already know Google Earth is amazing. But I didn't, really. Thanks to Concordia University's Sandu Baciu, however, my mind is officially blown.

Baciu, from the Department of Civil Engineering, was one of the winners of Google's Build Your Campus in 3D Competition. His department is located on the university's Loyola campus in the NDG area of Montreal, which just happens to be a few blocks away from my house and is where I like to go to walk my dog, Jacqueline. (She's a Bouvier, geddit?)

This campus now exists in 3D in a Google Earth file. So I just followed my old dog-walking route in three dimension. From my flat in London, England. How crazy is that!?! It was so immersive, I almost bent over to poop-and-scoop.

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Cameron Campbell said...

Is it officially in the full Google Earth yet, or do you still have to download the layer?

As soon as it's up for real I'm going to mark my office window. And mb hassle Baciu to make a little me waving like a doofus from inside.