Sunday, August 05, 2007

Shake your spear.

- From a 1996 New Yorker profile of Salman Rushdie, via ALN:
Rushdie excels at what might be termed Shakespeare trivia. Once, in the course of a literary word game, he was challenged to rename a Shakespeare play as if it had been written by Robert Ludlum. He was asked, first, to retitle "Hamlet" in the style of the author of "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "The Scarlatti Inheritance." With no advance notice and almost no hesitation, he said, "The Elsinore Vacillation." A palpable hit but, the other participants thought, sheer luck. Bet you can't do it twice. What about "Macbeth"? "The Dunsinane Deforestation." More meditated offerings included "The Rialto Forfeit," "The Capulet Infatuation," "The Kerchief Implication," and "The Solstice Entrancement."

- From Richard Ouzounian's recent interview with outgoing Stratford honcho Richard Monette:
"You can always remember sadness," he says with a grave wisdom. "As an actor, you can always access tears. The joy of life, that's harder to find, but the pain is there forever."

He pauses and looks across the table, deciding whether to tell this story. "I had a little rag doll called Pom-Pom," he begins, "and I loved that doll. I loved it so much.

"My mother decided that because I was going off to school, I had to be a man and cast aside these childish things. She threw Pom-Pom down the garbage chute, where I knew there was an incinerator at the bottom."

"I raced down the stairs, but of course, I was too late. Pom-Pom was gone into the flames. That was the day when I lost my innocence."

His eyes are filled with tears, unashamed. "In every show I have ever done since then, I have put a little rag doll. The audience may not know it's there, but I do."
You could put that word for word into a Christopher Guest mockumentary.

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Matt said...

Indeed, one might well argue that Christopher Guest is in need of some sharp new dialogue like that. His latest wasn't quite up to his usual standard.