Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm totally getting ripped apart by the Reason "Hit & Run" blog. Fun! My favourite is this comment from "Paul":
Lemme hit this "music critic" with a tidbit of information: No one cares about Bob Dylan. Let the man alone. If there's one thing that can probably make Mr. Dylan's eyes roll like a badly thrown bowling ball is for some brain-fried octagenarian (who was "there" in the sixties, natch) with the grey ponytail, trying to chew Dylan's ear off about how he never should have gone electric.
That's the perfect description of me! Except that, as anyone can see from my Guardian blog photo, I am actually twelve years old.

PS. Apparently that's music by Smog aka Bill Callahan aka Joanna Newsom's boyfriend in the SUV ad! Next it's going to turn out that Al Gore was the cameraman!


Anonymous said...

you thought everyone would agree wit you boring point huh?

surprise you r alone!

J. Kelly said...

This is my favourite comment ever!