Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Radiohead Day!

Finally, my obsession with Thom Yorke and Co. and my desire to earn a paycheque have collided. I've put together a couple of Radiohead galleries over at the Guardian site:

- 15 years of Radiohead in pics; and
- The (cover) art of Radiohead.

Have you downloaded In Rainbows yet? It's the first Radiohead album you can imagine yourself having sex to. Well, I mean, I would have sex to any Radiohead album - yes, even Pablo Honey - but I haven't really ever found any partners eager to join me. Maybe now my ultimate fantasy will come true. ("Please, can you just keep that one eye really still? Yes, just the one…")

Er... Moving on from that creepy bit of TMI, I have a new weekly feature on the Guardian arts blog. It's called Noises Off and it's a round-up of the theatre blogs. Here is the first installment. It is probably mostly notable for the fact that FT critic Ian Shuttleworth pops by in the comments to demonstrate that he doesn't understand the internet.

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