Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am a journalist!

Hey, sometimes I don't just make lazy, snarky comments about other people's news stories. No, sometimes I dig up the news myself. Or use Google, anyway.

Today, I had a story on the Guardian site about a mysterious Google ad I stumbled upon last week. When I Googled "Radiohead" on Thursday, I received a sponsored link that read:

Radiohead - New Album
New Album 'Rainbow' now available as Boxset inc. CD USB, Digital

Only problem was, it didn't lead to the site where you can buy Radiohead's independent release In Rainbows. No, instead, it led to the website EMI has set up to sell Radiohead's back catalogue. The website it set up a week after Radiohead signed to an independent label to distribute the physical album of In Rainbows. Ahem.

Says EMI, after I contacted them, "Parlophone were aware of the data source glitch and removed the link immediately." Understand what that means? No, me neither. And the folks at Google Ads neither.

Anyway, there's a screengrab of the ad - now removed, after my inquiries - and the full story at Guardian Unlimited Music.

I'm pleased to see the story picked up by or linked to Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NME, Idolator, The Daily Swarm, BBC and my old friends at At Ease.


Anders said...

Awesome! This is like All The President's Men but with less Deep Throat!

pink lady said...

well, atleast it wasnt false information. after all, the album is titled "In Rainbows". way to work it EMI.
did we really trust them before this anyways?

btw, the daily swarm rules!

maths said...

Ultimately, this is not just about In Rainbows or back catalogue sales only, but about a misleading ad (using the phrase "Radiohead new album Rainbow) by EMI seeking potential customers in a search environment in which the users are hitherto uninitiated about the product. Hence the users effort to search and find out more about the product in question instead leads them trickily to another place – there are advertising laws against this practice.
Ah, and now the story is on Music2dot0 too at: http://www.music2dot0.com/archives/82