Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We are the champions!

Well, Paul MacInnes and Rosie Swash, my fine colleagues at Guardian Unlimited Music are anyway. They picked up the Best Podcast award at last night's Record of the Day awards for GU's Music Weekly, beating The Times, The Sun, Drowned in Sound and Xfm.

As someone who has guested in the studio twice (1, 2), I tried to claim 1/26 of the credit last night, but Paul reminded me that there is always a second person in the pod and the producer at least, so I could only claim 1/78. Fair point. It's still going on the resume.

Anyway, check out the full list of winners and you'll see GU, the Guardian and our sister paper the Observer were the big winnas across the board at the music journalism awards. I'll spare everyone by NOT posting the pics... Huzzah!

- In other Guardian news, my interview with Gallictronica artist Sebastien Tellier is up. (Yes, I invented the term Gallictronica.) He is marvelously French, to wit: "Having a Latin vision of sex on my album, that was important for me. In Paris or in Europe, it's the same kind of culture like in the US, this kind of feeling with the very dominating guy and very bitch woman. I like it, but maybe it's more ideal to talk about sex with a Latin sensibility."

- And here is my latest news round-up starring Beth Ditto, Alice Cooper, Alex Turner and... Sharleen Spiteri from Texas.

I quite like that song, actually.

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Christine Estima said...

have i mentioned how amazing you are lately? cuz you are.

stop being so awesome dammit. you're making me look bad.

big hugs!!